Rose Mary Busto


About Rose

Photo of Rose Mary BustoA successful businesswoman, wife and mother with a Ph.D. from London University, Rose manages to combine her love of yoga and running with a busy lifestyle.

A fitness instructor and personal trainer since 1986, Rose is also:

Rose uses a highly-personalised, holistic approach which addresses body, mind and spirit. Her classes are fun and accessible to everyone.

As a veteran of the London and New York Marathons and of the now legendary Marathon des Sables - a 150-mile self-sufficient race across the Sahara Desert - she has also developed a Yoga practice specifically modified for runners and a 6-step Yoga programme for endurance athletes which is currently in use in training camps in the UK and abroad.  

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Rose is accredited by the Yoga Alliance, which qualifies her to teach internationally.


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She is also a Teaching Member of the British Wheel of Yoga.