Rose Mary Busto


Yoga for Endurance Athletes

Photo of Rose and fellow competitors in "world's toughest footrace"

UltraYoga is a concept which combines the best of ancient yoga practices to help professional and recreational athletes to achieve their sporting goals in the 21st century.

UltraYoga came about as a result of Rose’s own passion for ultra running. In 2007 she made the decision to run in the Marathon des Sables, the “world’s toughest footrace”, despite suffering from a back problem. Two years of gruelling training followed but, with the help of a yoga programme which she devised and followed, the race was completed without adverse effects.  

In turn, this led to the realisation that many of her fellow competitors needed a more balanced approach to their training to avoid injury and improve performance. 

The programme is designed primarily to complement endurance athletes’ training regimes, and focuses on the joints and muscle groups most commonly stressed and overused in endurance sports such as long-distance swimming, cycling and extreme running. This in turn can help reduce the incidence of injury and increase the prospect of faster rehabilitation from injury.

At UltraYoga we work with a number of health professionals, ranging from physiotherapists to massage therapists and sports coaches.

UltraYoga is proud to have devised a progressive 6-step programme which is being adopted by training camps in the UK and abroad.